The Best Golf games for PC

Golf games on PC offer a great way to enjoy the sport without having to step out onto the green. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or someone who just enjoys the game, there’s a golf game for you. With the advancement in graphics and gameplay mechanics, golf games have become more realistic and engaging than ever before.

Popular Titles in 2023

As of 2023, several golf games have gained popularity among PC gamers. Titles like “PGA Tour 2K21,” “Worms Crazy Golf,” and “The Golf Club 2019” are some of the top choices according to a list by GamePro. EA Sports PGA Tour is another game that has been highly praised for its realistic gameplay and graphics. Source

What Makes a Good Golf Game?

A good golf game should offer realistic gameplay mechanics, stunning graphics, and a range of customization options. For instance, “PGA Tour 2K21” is known for its realistic gameplay mechanics and stunning graphics, making it a must-play for golf enthusiasts. Source

Community Recommendations

Reddit is a great place to get recommendations from actual players. According to a Reddit thread, “EA PGA Tour 2023” is considered the best golf game many have ever played, especially when it comes to simulating the Masters tournament. Source

Unique Experiences

Not all golf games aim for realism. Some titles like “Golf Story” offer a unique RPG experience, while “Golf With Your Friends” is ideal for a casual gaming session with friends. These games provide a different take on the sport and are perfect for those looking for something other than a simulation. Source

List of Top Golf Games for PC in 2023

  • PGA Tour 2K21: Best for accurate golf simulation
  • EA Sports PGA Tour: Known for realistic gameplay and graphics
  • Worms Crazy Golf: A fun twist on traditional golf
  • The Golf Club 2019: Offers a range of customization options
  • Golf Story: A unique RPG experience
  • Golf With Your Friends: Ideal for casual gaming with friends

For Windows 10 Users

If you’re using Windows 10, “Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf” is recommended for the most realistic experience. This game is particularly useful for those who are still learning the ropes in golf. Source


Whether you’re looking for a realistic simulation or a casual game to play with friends, there’s a golf game for every type of player. The key is to find a game that suits your preferences and offers the features you’re looking for. With a variety of options available, you’re sure to find a game that’s perfect for you.

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